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Michael, why is your website so ugly?


Welcome to my website. My name is Michael Carney. I'm an Orthodox Christian, neo-luddite, and horse supremacist. I like to tinker with with computers and make kombucha. If I were better situated, I'd also be doing some small-scale subsistence farming. I believe in highly local economies and food cultures. My favorite color is green.

My faith is very important to me, and so I have compiled a list of online Orthodox stores. As far as I know, it's the most complete list of stores yet. I've also mirrored the life of St. Mary of Egypt, and I intend to mirror more lives and articles.

I wrote my own guestbook in Perl, recently rebuilt and much nicer. Check it out and sign it if you like. Take a look around the site. I've got stuff in the works, so be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed for updates to come. Get in touch for friendly conversation and site feedback. No ads or "offers", though, thanks :^).

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Things I'm interested in

  • Orthodox Christianity
  • Texas
  • Minimal computing
  • Gardening, sustainable farming
  • Firearms
  • Fermentation, curing, homebrewing
  • Fitness, calisthenics, cycling
  • Urban planning, transportation
  • Fishing, hunting
  • Fly tying
  • And more...

This site belongs to a Christian webring.

[Michael's Webpage]

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