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Name: Lox Time: Thu Oct 14 07:11:32 2021
Message: Sweet website
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Name: Will Time: Wed Oct 13 15:44:58 2021
Message: I like your website. Very cool!
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Name: Derek Email: Time: Tue Oct 5 07:19:23 2021
Message: Love the guestbook! I found your website through the webring. I really appreciate the little communities we're building up here. God bless
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Name: pickSessionorXMPP Time: Sun Sep 26 18:58:21 2021
Message: I found this site on wibi by searching "farming", pretty cool! I also recently been on LandChad from watching Luke Smith videos. You're website is awesome, looks like you have your own email server too! (must have been hard to setup)
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Name: Arjun Yadav Website: Time: Fri Sep 24 01:50:11 2021
Message: Damn! i hope my website was this cool!
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Name: Time: Thu Sep 23 21:41:53 2021
Message: Cool website :^D
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Name: Joe Time: Mon Sep 20 18:16:07 2021
Message: Having a lot of fun checking out this site. Makes me wanna do my own too.
God bless.
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Name: Che Havill Email: Website: N/A Time: Wed Sep 15 00:24:35 2021
Message: Nice site, I had a look at the files section, funny memes too
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Name: Teague Foster Email: Website: N/A (Coming soon) Time: Tue Sep 14 18:33:50 2021
Message: Love to see sites like this. Cheers.
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Name: maria Time: Mon Sep 6 22:47:07 2021
Message: Greetings from Missouri, Christ is risen!
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Name: Sebastian Email: Website: Time: Sun Sep 5 16:08:05 2021
Message: Please pray for this poor Armenian.
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Name: Marcos Email: Website: Time: Thu Sep 2 12:50:03 2021
Message: Hey Michael. Mark here. I'm from southern Texas. Good to meet a fellow cowboy.
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Name: Jordan Time: Tue Aug 31 19:41:42 2021
Message: I was here
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Name: tom Time: Mon Aug 30 11:40:08 2021
Message: Lovin stray thoughts. The Plato's cave meme is hilariously true.
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Name: Ex Email: Website: Time: Sun Aug 29 19:02:47 2021
Message: ex was here.
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Name: Ephraim Time: Tue Aug 24 18:50:19 2021
Message: LETS GO!
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Name: Ethan Time: Mon Aug 23 12:59:56 2021
Message: Can't wait to see the site fleshed out! Keep at it fam

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Name: Jacob  Website:  Time: Wed Aug 18 20:24:15 2021
Message: It’s always fun to discover new sites and stuff to read.
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Name: Miguel Time: Mon Aug 16 15:08:12 2021
Message: Cool website, man! Expecting that blog to have some articles soon to read them! Greetings from Colombia!
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Name: Ed Time: Tue Aug 10 12:53:22 2021
Message: From Texas myself
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Name: Sergey Website: Time: Sat Aug 7 00:39:26 2021
Message: Будьте здорові! (God bless!)
"For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us" -Isaiah 33:22
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Name: Anna Time: Tue Aug 3 07:00:24 2021
Message: I pray your day is going well. :)

"Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the transgreshtmlon of the remnant of his heritage? he retaineth not his anger for ever, because he delighteth in mercy."
-Micah 7:18
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Name: tom Website: Time: Sun Aug 1 09:40:54 2021
Message: Looking forward to the blog 🤠
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Name: octodad Website: Twitter Time: Fri Jul 30 18:34:53 2021
Message: Howdy partner
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